Our experienced dental technicians
have specialized onto CAD / CAM.
Once your model arrives, we speak
with you about the details.


Your model is the carrier of
important information.​ So while
during the scanning process, these
information will be collected.
“Saw cutting edge model”
with removable stumps, comb pines
and the adjacent teeth.


​The stumps, the alveolar ridge
and if existing, the registration
of bite / occlusion.
Scanned several times from all sides.


More time for the aesthetics.
The crowns and bridges are only

Quality control

​After the sintering process follows the
final control. You get informed via phone
about the completion of the structure
and you become informed about the
shipping date.

We store the entire process of modeling, coating, inspections of the metal and so one. Exclusively for customizing the crowns, bridges and for modeling.

Our specialized CAD technology measures up the work in 3D. From only one stump to a 3-part bridge, with the highest precision. Various scanning features allow additional shots or impressions of the opposing jaw, bruise, WaxUp, anomalies, inlays, shims and deposits, resulting for a good basis for excellent alignment accuracy. A virtual mechanism provide an ideal design for both prosthetic restorations and orthodontics with the coordination to the skull bas. If you wish, our designer can work closely with you to coordinate and maintain the best possible design to you.



With us, you can always count on the most advanced technology. Our Partner Fino Digital is synonymous with innovation and quality. The 5-axis simultaneous milling machine FINOCAM can perform dry and wet milling. We produce digital structures of crowns and bridges, columns, racks, accessories and much more. You can choose from a wide rage of materials, which fits for the best work and results. We offer zirconium-oxide, non-precious metals and also resin and wax as pressed ceramics.



Data transfer

Do you already have a scanner?
You can also give us the data in a digital way!

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